The AAFM® Education

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The AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ®  "International Board of Standards" is an independent worldwide Board of Standards and Certification Accreditation Council for management professionals. We are a global self regulatory organization that recognizes the highest criteria in academic standards, industry experience, ethics, credential promotion, and continuing education mandates as dictated by the Supreme Court IBANEZ and PEEL decision dicta on board certification, designations, and credentials. © The AAFM ® is in alliance with the: Latin American Capitulo, The UN recognized Arab Academy, The India Institute, The ACCE Africa Economists Association, The Singapore and China Wealth Council, and various other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

AAFM ® has members in 150+ countries. AAFM ® is a professional association member of The AACSB™ International  and the ACBSP The Accreditation Council to Business School Programs and Schools of Business.   With recent conferences and summits in Argentina, Shanghai, Mexico, Geneva, Singapore, and the Caribbean, The AAFM ® is at the forefront of International Finance, Law, & Economics.

AAFM®  is the first in the world to have a global alliances with the policy with and accredited law school and  the Diamond Graduate Masters in Law Program which is based in e-Learning. The AAFM ® Board of Standards and our Graduate Certification Requirements are listed with The  "Financial Industry Regulatory"  Reference Guide, The Dept of Labor, Department of Education Directory and the United Nations Civil Society Registry along with other top financial and accounting organizations.


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