Certified Risk Analyst Program ™

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These are interesting times for risk managers. The world is more conscious of the importance of risk management than ever before and businesses are increasingly turning to their risk department to assist in a wide variety of decisions.

Modern Organizations have now to operate in global business environment fraught with exponentially increasing volatility and complexity. The interaction of many forces - social, cultural, political, financial, environmental, and legal - forms a landscape or topography of the organization and its value chain, which defies easy definition. There are risks regardless of whatever path and activities are pursued. The key question is: "How can I make confidently major strategic and operational decisions in a way that optimize the balance between opportunity and risk?”

To answer that question, you will need to build a risk mapping and profiling model that relates clearly organizational performance with risk management. Hence the essential purpose of the CRA™ program is to equip participants with the methodologies and tools necessary to conduct comprehensive assessment and mapping of risks profiles in projects and organizations in order to develop highly effective risk decision-makers able to identify, analyze and manage Risks and Opportunities to ensure optimal level performance level for their organizations.

What are the Benefits of CRA™ For YOU?

  • Gain new comprehensive knowledge of risk assessment & mapping most recent and effective tools and methodologies
  • Methodologies, Tools and Techniques learned can be immediately applied at work to improve your effectiveness and performance
  • Enhance your leadership and risk decision-making skills by learning how to identify, analyze & optimize Risks and Opportunities.
  • Build your network with risk professionals and learn from direct industry experience in managing risks.
  • Earn a professional title recognizing your new knowledge & skills and gain a competitive edge enhancing your career advancement opportunities.

What Makes the CRA™ program so unique

  • Fully accredited course by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM™), an independent worldwide Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for financial management professionals.
  • Completion of the program leads to awarding of the Certified Risk Analyst (CRA™) designation, a globally recognized qualification in risk management industry.
  • The CRA™ program has been offered and recognized by top companies in the financial industry around the world that includes China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Xerox, HSBC, Shangri-La Hotels, Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America, 3M Asia Pacific, Hewlett Packard Singapore, United Overseas Bank Singapore and so forth.

How to become CRA™

To become Certified Risk Analyst ™ and certified member of American Academy of Financial Management;

  • Attend the two day CRA™ Certification Program
  • Pass the CRA™ Examination
  • Comply with at least two years work experience
  • Agree to abide the AAFM™ Professional Code of Ethics


Course Agenda

Module 1: Understanding Risk Management

Module 2:  Developing Risk Management Strategy

Module 3: Organizing Risk Assessment Activity


Module 4: Managing Risk Response

Module 5: Managing Risk and the Organization

Module 5: Managing Risk Assurance and Reporting



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