The CRA™ Certification Process

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1. Education

To start your path on becoming a CRA ™, you must first take up the education program offered by the AAFM Philippines. The program will consist of five (5) modules, namely the following:

  1. Understanding Risk Management
  2. Developing Risk Management Strategy
  3. Organizing Risk Assessment Activity
  4. Managing Risk Response
  5. Managing Risk and the Organization
  6. Managing Risk Assurance and Reporting



After you have completed the CRA ™ education program, you may take the examination.

3. Experience

In order to obtain the CRA ™ certification, you need to have at least two (2) years of financial planning-related experience. This experience can be obtained before writing the CRA ™ Exam.

4. Ethics

Once you become a CRA ™ professional, you must attest that you have complied with the CRA ™ Code of Ethics and have met the annual Continuing Education requirements each year. The CRA ™ designation must also be renewed annually.


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